Words Behind Berries

Words Behind Berries

6 min - Short Documentary


By investigating the creative process of preparing jam, a filmmaker and a cook develop a recipe of friendship, reflecting on food, art, and love.


This short documentary reveals the affection behind cooking, the creative language Carolina Gauche uses to express her artsy personality. The same language that fascinated the filmmaker and that provokes a self-reflexive journey contemplating the creative processes of cooking and making a film.

Director's Statement

My connection to Carol is the very reason for this film to exist. We are both Brazilians who come from the same city, we are of the same age, and we both moved to Canada to face a new career. Interestingly, we only met here. She captured my attention by writing poetic words to describe her affective relationship to jam recipes. She bonds food to memories and experiences that feed all the senses. As a storyteller, I am fascinated by this power. My journey as an artist begins with the investigation of this process.

Cast & Crew

  • Carolina Gauche as Herself
  • Andressa Back as Herself
  • Writer & Director - Andressa Back
  • Producer - Martin Restrepo
  • Picture Editor - Emilie Peloso
  • Director of Photography - Andressa Back & Chandelle Hamilton aka Marya Chogal
  • Sound Editor - Katie Pagacz
  • Composer - Marcelo Rossas
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