Writer & Director

Writer & Director

I am a Toronto-based award-winning filmmaker who faced film school during a global pandemic. The challenges of working on a one-woman crew provided the opportunity to learn about every step of film production. And in the past two years, I've been empowering my voice as a writer and director, passionate about storytelling in different formats and genres. My documentary Words Behind Berries sowed the seeds to investigate womanhood and identity issues, points further developed in my narrative shorts The Smell of Mango and Cartography of a Woman, deeply rooted in my experience as a Brazilian immigrant.

With three shorts in the festival's run, I am graduating from Sheridan College Bachelor of Film and Television in 2022 and holding a post-graduation degree in Creative Writing. NBCUniversal selected my next narrative short for a grant, and Futures for Rent is expected to be developed this summer. Whether in English, Portuguese or Spanish, I'm interested in the cinematic language to create audiovisual pieces, either features or TV series. The films and shows I love often turn me inside out; things are never the same after watching them. I expect my work to provoke the same in the audience, to echo questions that speak to our times.

Cartography of a Woman

Writer & Director

14 min - Narrative Short film Drama

A woman must invent her boundaries to find a place where she is not a territory to be conquered.

Words Behind Berries

Writer & Director

6 min - Short Documentary

By investigating the creative process of preparing jam, a filmmaker and a cook develop a recipe of friendship, reflecting on food, art, and love.

The Smell of Mango

Writer & Director

8 min - Narrative Short film Drama

The Smell of Mango provokes a journey of nostalgia in Dolores, a Colombian immigrant in Canada, lost in-between times and spaces, expecting a baby while coping with her mother’s inevitable passing.

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